Commit to Improving Your Golf Game

When you work with me, you are committing to improving your game. Signing up for 1 lesson to fix your problems right away is unrealistic. It takes time to learn & ingrain new movements. That is why I require all my players to sign up for a lesson package. This allows us to not take any short cuts and for you to truly own these changes you will be making. You can expect to get an in depth breakdown of your full golf game, a special plan fully created around your needs, and practice guides to ensure your improvement.

New Student Assessment

In depth analysis on each area of your game; putting, chipping, pitching, irons, and driving. Receive a specific plan on how to reach your goals within your golf game

90 Minute Assessment: $150

Private Lessons

1 Year (52 Hours): $3,640

9 Months (39 Hours): $2,925

6 Months (26 Hours): $2,080

3 Months (13 Hours): $1,105

6 Hours: $540

Online Lessons

1 Month: $150.00

What to Expect

  • 1 Video Analysis/Month
  • Practice Guide with Drill Videos
  • Practice Supervision Each Week

On Course Lessons

9 Hole Playing Lesson: $200

What to Expect

  • Pre-Course Powerpoint Slides
  • Course Strategy
  • Practice Plans to Improve Weak Points

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