Is Remote Coaching Right for Me?

With remote coaching being so specific to your needs, and informational, players have had positive results. Like all things though, some have not had the same success from remote coaching. So, here are 4 questions to figure out if remote coaching is right for you. 1. Do I have a specific goal for my golfContinue reading “Is Remote Coaching Right for Me?”

Putting Myth: Straight Back, Straight Through Pt. 2

Yesterday I introduced the myth of wanting a straight back, straight through putting stroke. We covered how the shaft tracks, the head arcs, and the face rotates. Today, we will break down what happens when we have a straight back, straight through putting stroke. Before we analyze a straight back, straight through putting stroke, weContinue reading “Putting Myth: Straight Back, Straight Through Pt. 2”

Putting Myth: Straight Back, Straight Through

Have you ever been told to make your putting stroke straight back and straight through? It is a popular phrase that players have heard often when struggling with putting. Unfortunately, this is wrong and this concept could be making you a worse putter! The shaft tracks, the head arcs, and the face rotates. Lets diveContinue reading “Putting Myth: Straight Back, Straight Through”

Inside Look at Remote Coaching

The internet has been changing how golf instructors and coaches go about their business. As a coach, we have the ability to coach anyone regardless of where they live now. Remote coaching and online lessons are starting to become more and more popular. I believe the reason why is because it gives players access toContinue reading “Inside Look at Remote Coaching”

Sneak Peak: Golf Course Management Online Course

Knowing your shot pattern can help you choose the correct spot to aim and allow for better results on our miss hits. Players want to hit the ball right at the pin all the time and do not account for their bad shots. This leaves them in bad positions and ultimately higher scores. Know yourContinue reading “Sneak Peak: Golf Course Management Online Course”

Making the Most from COVID-19

With all the craziness going on from COVID-19, some can still play golf, some cannot, but we can all improve during this time. These are a few options that can help you lower your scores during this time. Practice Putting: Far too often golfers want to lower their scores and go the lengths of buyingContinue reading “Making the Most from COVID-19”

The Stages of Motor Learning

Comprehension of the 3 stages of motor learning and identifying what stage you are in, or should be in, is an important part of the learning process. Playing your best golf requires you to be able to focus on the shot is in front of you without much, if any, mechanical thought or conscious effortContinue reading “The Stages of Motor Learning”