What Do I Need For Remote Coaching?

You may have some interest in remote coaching, but may have questions on what is needed. Below is a list of what you need for online coaching, as well as, some links to purchase the necessary items. Area to practice Local driving range Safe, open, park or field Hitting net Simulator Having an at homeContinue reading “What Do I Need For Remote Coaching?”

Is Remote Coaching Right for Me?

With remote coaching being so specific to your needs, and informational, players have had positive results. Like all things though, some have not had the same success from remote coaching. So, here are 4 questions to figure out if remote coaching is right for you. 1. Do I have a specific goal for my golfContinue reading “Is Remote Coaching Right for Me?”

Inside Look at Remote Coaching

The internet has been changing how golf instructors and coaches go about their business. As a coach, we have the ability to coach anyone regardless of where they live now. Remote coaching and online lessons are starting to become more and more popular. I believe the reason why is because it gives players access toContinue reading “Inside Look at Remote Coaching”