What Do I Need For Remote Coaching?

You may have some interest in remote coaching, but may have questions on what is needed. Below is a list of what you need for online coaching, as well as, some links to purchase the necessary items.

  • Area to practice
    • Local driving range
    • Safe, open, park or field
    • Hitting net
    • Simulator

Having an at home hitting area is not a must, but I personally think they are great. It makes it easy to get practice in everyday. Below are some suggested hitting nets to purchase if you are wanting to build an at home hitting area.

GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net 7×7 ft

Jardin Golf Hitting Net

Just For Nets Golf High Impact Net (build your own)

  • Ability to record swings
    • Phone
    • iPad or other tablet devices
    • Camera

I suggest having a tripod or phone clip that can be positioned properly when recording swings. The camera being still and positioned correctly is very important for coaches to give you the best possible analysis. Below are some suggestions for tripods or phone clips to use.

Phone Tripod, UBeesize 50″


  • Video recording app
    • CoachNow
    • V1 Sports
    • Hudl Technique
    • Skillest

Your coach should let you know what video analysis software/app they use. This is where you will upload your recordings and get responses from your coach. You will need internet access to share swing videos. If you choose to have the app on your phone, make sure you have the proper amount of storage.

  • A quality coach
    • Ryan Rody, Instagram handle @rrodypga
    • Taylor Crosby, Instagram handle @tc_instruction
    • Ben Pellicani, Instagram handle @pelligolf

Above are 3 coaches I have a ton of respect for. They are knowledgeable and provide great services. You can find out their information by messaging them on Instagram. Working with a quality coach that provides a great service will make remote coaching an incredible experience.

If you would like information regarding remote coaching from Ryan Crawley Golf, fill out the form below.


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