Is Remote Coaching Right for Me?

With remote coaching being so specific to your needs, and informational, players have had positive results. Like all things though, some have not had the same success from remote coaching. So, here are 4 questions to figure out if remote coaching is right for you.

1. Do I have a specific goal for my golf game?

Having a specific goal for your golf game is important when signing up for remote coaching. Your goal is what will stoke the fire. In this case, the fire is your desire to improve.

2. Will I practice each week?  

Practicing multiple times a week for 30-60 minutes each session will play a powerful role in achieving progress. Having the drive and desire to reach your specific goal will make this much easier to follow. Practice does not have to be at a driving range or golf course each session; it can be at your home too.

3. Am I comfortable asking questions when needing clarification?

Being comfortable asking your coach questions when information is not clear to you is important. The better you understand the information your coach is sharing, the easier it will be to execute drills/tasks being asked of you, and to self-diagnose while performing these drills/tasks.

4. Will I be patient and trust the process?

This is crucial. Results will not always come quickly; they may take time depending on what is required of you to improve. Having a mindset that is patient and understanding will go a long way in your improvement. When a player does not trust the process and is impatient, they tend to stop listening to their coach, stop practicing the prescribed drills, and revert to old habits. This ultimately leads to little, to no improvement.

Final Thoughts

If you answered no to 1 or 2 of these questions, you should consider if remote coaching is the right fit for you. It is okay if it isn’t. It is not right for everyone, and you are better off considering in person lessons instead.

If you answered yes to all these questions, you are a great fit for remote coaching!

Interested in learning more about remote coaching, fill out the form below!


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