Putting Myth: Straight Back, Straight Through

Have you ever been told to make your putting stroke straight back and straight through? It is a popular phrase that players have heard often when struggling with putting. Unfortunately, this is wrong and this concept could be making you a worse putter!

The shaft tracks, the head arcs, and the face rotates. Lets dive into what I mean by this.

Below is an aerial view of the putting stroke for the same player as shown in our first examples. The player is making a stroke with one of my favorite training aids, Visio Mi Putting Template. This is a 15 degree arc which is considered a neutral putting arc. Notice how the putter head traces on the arc throughout. Also, do you notice how the putter face opens and closes in the stroke?

A straight back, straight through putting stroke is different than a putting stroke moving properly with the shaft tracking, putter head arcing, and the face rotating. When we try and move the putter with a straight back, straight through stroke, manipulations in our wrists, forearms, elbows, and upper arms will occur causing inconsistent and poor putting performance.

So the shaft tracks, the putter head arcs, and the putter face rotates.

Next post I will dive into what happens in the body and how it hurts our putting performance when we make a straight back, straight through stroke so make sure you subscribe for future content.

Interested in working on your putting stroke, reach out to hear about the Putting Academy Experience.


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