Inside Look at Remote Coaching

The internet has been changing how golf instructors and coaches go about their business. As a coach, we have the ability to coach anyone regardless of where they live now. Remote coaching and online lessons are starting to become more and more popular. I believe the reason why is because it gives players access to amazing coaches who they normally could not work with. The second reason why is it makes practicing correctly easier. Below are some examples of how remote coaching can benefit you.

  • Deep understanding of your swing, both positive and negative aspects
  • Specific practice plan to achieve progress
  • Shifts mindset into a growth mindset
  • Easy to be held accountable

Below is the layout for my monthly coaching program.

This layout I am sure other great coaches are using. Players get educated on their swing, given a plan to improve their swing, and are held accountable to these changes. Communication between player and coach is consistent and allows for all questions to answered in full.

What do you need for remote coaching?

  • Access to a place to hit golf balls
    • Driving range
    • Simulator
    • Hitting net or make shift hitting net
    • Park or field to hit golf balls in
  • Ability to record videos
    • Phone
    • IPad or other tablets
    • Camera
    • Having a tripod or phone clip can make recording videos much easier as well. Message me for suggestions for phone clips if searching.
  • Access to the internet to upload videos

Fill out the form below for information regarding my remote coaching program. Limited spots available.

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